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Attorney Manuel Solis helps newly weds reunite

IMG_6366Your petition for permanent residency is denied, due to having an unauthorized entry in 2004! You are hereby given a 10 year bar. With these words, the dreams and hopes of Angelica Maricela Flores were dashed. She never realized that this attempt to try and enter the U.S. without the proper documents would affect her future.

Ms. Flores’ story to become a legal permanent resident began in 2010 when she met her then future husband, Jose Luis Mendoza, at a wedding in her native Monterrey, Mexico. Jose Luis was smitten by her natural beauty and thus began a one year long distance courtship. With the advent of instant communications Maricela and Jose Luis were able to keep their love alive.

In 2013, Jose Luis and Angela Maricela became husband and wife married by a government magistrate. Both of them being traditional they proceeded to also have a church ceremony that same year. Soon after that Mr. Mendoza went to the Law Office of Attorney Manuel Solis to start his immigration petition. At the time Mr. Mendoza did not know of Ms. Flores past record. The petition was approved and soon after the appointment came to the U.S. Consulate. It was there Ms. Flores found that her past incident disqualified her.

This started a long distance marriage of two years. Mr. Mendoza’s job required him to travel around the world on a cargo ship. This meant that Mr. Mendoza was at times unreachable. Nonetheless Mr. Mendoza traveled to see his new bride when he could and via phone and social media they kept their love alive.

In the mean time,Mr. Mendoza filed a waiver to have his new brides’ bar dismissed. Notice was sent to USCIS that he was going to file a waiver and the case proceeded. Time started to drag while all the necessary documents were being gathered. Finally when the necessary evidence was ready to file Ms. Flores’ waiver Mr. Mendoza was advised that it was in his best interest to wait and let the bar limit run out.

Attorney Solis’ office sent the notice to USCIS that Mr. Mendoza was retracting his intention to file a waiver and that she would wait for a new appointment. After waiting several months and no communication from USCIS, a formal letter was sent to the Ciudad Juarez Consulate followed by phone calls. Finally one day Ms. Mendoza received via DHS notification of her appointment in Ciudad Juarez. This time it was a mere formality and her residency was approved. Her passport was stamped to allow entry into the U.S.

After two years of waiting to be a legal permanent resident of the United States to be with her husband her dream came true. Her dream is to study English as a second language and pursue a career in data entry. In her native country Ms. Mendoza worked for a government agency doing data processing.

Mrs. Mendoza arrived at the office of Attorney Solis to meet and thank all the dedicated staff that managed her case to completion. Her last step was to file for her residency “green card.” Since Mr. Solis opened a small office in Houston’s East Side in 1990, he has helped more than 40,000 clients attain the American dream.

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